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Agder Academy of Sciences and Letters


The main mission of Agder Academy of Sciences and Letters is to strengthen the scientific activity in the Agder region, and increase the general understanding of the vital importance of science in society. This mission is accomplished in particular by organizing public meetings, conferences and seminars, and by focusing on outstanding academic achievements through the awarding of academic prizes.

History and organization

Agder Academy was established in 1962. The Principal of Kristiansand Katedralskole, dr. philos. Halvor Vegard Hauge, was the founder and the first President of the Academy. In the 1960's, the Academy played an important role in preparing the way for Agder Regional College, founded in 1969. The Academy was revitalized and modernized in 2002, supported by the regional counties and towns, and financially also by institutions such as Sørlandets Kompetansefond, a regional development fund located in Kristiansand. Agder Academy of Sciences and Letters is an independent legal entity registered in Norway. However, we cooperate closely with the University of Agder (UiA, formerly Agder University College) and our office is located on the university campus in Kristiansand.


The Academy presently now has over 300 members, the majority of whom are academics. Some are authors, artists and musicians. A good number are professors at the University of Agder, some are professors at other Norwegian universities and university colleges, and some are based at universities abroad, including seven members based in Poznan, Poland. A Poznan chapter of our Academy was established in February 2009.

Board and management

Professor, dr. philos. May-Brith Ohman Nielsen is President of Agder Academy and Chairman of our Board of Directors. She was elected in 2018. All our board members are presented here.

Professor Ragnar Thygesen, University of Agder, is our Academy Secretary from 2018.

The former Regional Director of the institutions of higher education in the Agder counties, Thor Einar Hanisch, served as Academy Secretary from 2002 until 2012.
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